Fearlessness is our natural state of mind, our natural state of being. Fear used to be a useful defence mechanism, when humans lived in jungles, forests and mountains. But in our modern life experience, it serves no real purpose.

Fear creates more fear, more panic, more stress and anxiety. A fearful mind is always worrying about unrealistic scenarios, 90 percent of which never come true.

Connecting with the core of your existence will bring you closer to fearlessness. Releasing stress is very important, as stress produces the fear-related state of fight or flight. Bringing awareness into your life experience about the real causes of your stress and anxiety can be liberating and deeply healing. It should also be combined with daily relaxation and, of course, meditation.

Meditating on a daily basis can bring you into a new state of fearless consciousness, an awareness of the unlimited love and strength residing in the core of who you are.

It is essential to reframe your attitude against fear and change the fearful beliefs that limit you, if you wish to live a life free of anxiety, worry and panic. Having more faith in your inner strength is an idea and practice you can start cultivating today.

If you wish to awaken your inner strength and shake off the fear, you can get in touch & ask us how.

2 thoughts on “Fearlessness

  1. Thank you Eirini for reminding us how to lead a fearless life! We often live inside our head, prisoners of our own unfounded fears. You remind us to stay true to ourselves by finding our true selves. I would be happy to see a post about this journey towards finding our true self 🙂

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