Drum Meditation in the Forest

Date: Sunday, 25 July 2021
Meeting place: Charle Albertlaan 11, 1170 Watermaal-Bosvoorde, Belgium
Time: 2-4pm

Revive your inner joy

Hello dear friends,

Join our drum meditation in the forest to connect with your inner joy, this feeling that is first experienced within and then spills over into an overflow of song, dance and laughter, and even tears of gratitude.

With the aid of the drum, and also through voice, breath and movement, we will travel to the four worlds to become free from the past, as well as from negative emotions and restrictive patterns, meet spirit helpers and guides that can help us navigate through the present moment, glimpse into our future and find inner peace in the world of the absolute.

🌳 The event is taking place in nature and fresh air 🌼 We will be keeping the required distance at all times, in order to respect the rules related to the virus spread.

Why participate?

Drum meditation is a powerful technique that can have the effect of coordination of the two brain hemispheres and, through the deep state of meditation it can induce, awaken unconscious energies and bring them to the surface. Participants usually express these energies during the ritual and feel free and calm after.

Some other benefits of drumming are:

🔹 Stress relief and releasing of endorphins and other healing chemicals.
🔹 Creation of a feeling of “presence”, taking one’s mind away from thinking of the past or worrying about the future.
🔹 Bringing one’s mind and body into synchronization and alignment due to the rhythmical patterns it follows.
🔹 Creation of more positive emotions and enhanced mood.

Practical Info:

– The event is open to everyone, regardless of age, gender or previous experience in shamanic drumming and/or meditation.
– You do not need to wear special clothes, only clothes you will feel comfortable in.
– Please bring a mat or blanket to sit on.
– If you wish, you can bring a rattle with you.
– In case of light rain, please wear a raincoat. In case of heavy rain, the event will be postponed to a later date. You will be notified in advance.
– The language of the event is English, but there will also be explanation in French.

🍄 Participation fee: 25 euros

Cancellation policy: If your cancellation is at least 24 hours in advance of the event, you will receive a full refund. If your cancellation is less than 24 hours in advance, you will receive a gift certificate to attend a future drum meditation or another event.

🍄 Meeting place: We will meet at the entrance to the Forêt de Soignes at Avenue Charle-Albert 11, 1170 Watermael-Boitsfort. From there we will walk to the place of our meditation in the forest.
The meeting time is 14.00.

Please confirm your participation by phone or Whatsapp on 0487 20 14 73 or email at info@justinspiring.org.

For payments, you can make a transfer to the following bank account:

Eirini Kapsidou
IBAN: BE36953149119681

or click on the button below to book your place (only Paypal).