About Eirini

Hi, I’m Eirini, the Brussels-based founder of Inspiring: Education & Coaching. I am a spiritual guide, workshop facilitator and life coach.

My own path of personal development started 25 years ago, when I first came in contact with a Siberian Shaman. The knowledge and practices I have acquired through this contact, but also through personal study and life-transforming experiences are some of the tools that I use in my workshops and coaching.

Inspiring was born out of my wish to motivate and inspire people to transform their lives and become the creators of their own reality. It is my firm belief that change is possible for everyone, be it a child, teenager or adult, as long as they can learn to trust their inner power and wisdom.

For a taste of the Inspiring approach, I invite you to discover my workshops and private coaching sessions. Or you might wish to simply get in touch and ask me a question. Visit the Contacts page on this website or e-mail me at info@justinspiring.org.