About Eirini

Eirini is the founder of Inspiring: Education & Coaching. She comes from Greece, but lives in Brussels and gives workshops on personal development, specialising in women’s empowerment, the art of relating and drum meditation inspired by the tradition of Siberian Shamanism.

As she has also been involved in education for 16 years now, she is convinced that change in the world is possible only if children are educated by means of a more mindful approach, encouraging in them freedom, understanding and full expression of the uniqueness of their being. She strongly believes that change is possible for everyone, be it a child, teenager or adult, as long as they can learn to trust their inner power and wisdom.

Her own path of personal development started 20 years ago, when she first came in contact with a Siberian Shaman. The knowledge and practices she acquired through this contact, but also through personal study and life-transforming experiences, form the tools she is currently using in her workshops and coaching.

For a taste of her Inspiring approach, Eirini invites you to her workshops, private coaching sessions, or simply urges you to contact her through the Contacts page on this website or via email at info@justinspiring.org