Feel inspired to look beyond the ordinary and visible, discover new resources to cope with challenges in your life journey and become the creator of your reality

Inspiring helps people all over the world

  • Find new and creative solutions to already existing challenges in the areas of health and well-being, relationships, personal development and spirituality
  • Discover resources that can help expand their self-awareness
  • Experience profound inner peace and a sense of connection with themselves and the world
  • Learn how to journey in the realms of their soul, release fears and repressed emotions and find healing
  • Find the courage to take decisions and make life changes that reflect their true purpose and intention
  • Find real joy and self-love



Eirini is a very kind and talented person. In her weekly online course, she created and gave wonderful energies to the participants with her very gentle personality.

I cannot thank her enough for her delightful and very creative uplifting energy she shared with us – especially in these difficult times with Covid restrictions in a strict lockdown situation. It has been an amazing and unforgettable experience to be part of this outstanding group of women.

Thank you for your dedication and energetic uplifting, which you are able to give out of your own soul, Eirini.

Dr Sabine Henning, Life and Astro Coach

Eirini is truly one of a kind, a compassionate coach with a contagious smile, full of wisdom, always there to guide and to listen. Her workshops are original and magical, her meditations will take you to other worlds (literally!), and you will leave her events feeling whole and radiating positive energy. I highly recommend Inspiring and Eirini’s services to anyone on the path to self-discovery and spiritual growth.

Alexandra Cacavas

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