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Our aim is to inspire you to look beyond the routine of the everyday and discover a world of infinite possibilities already crossing over your daily reality.

You have one set of eyes but there are thousands of ways to look at things. You simply interpret them according to your belief system created through your life experiences. And what if you could change your perspective and see the others and yourself from a different angle? Could this change possibly introduce you to a world of diverse probabilities, alternatives and opportunities?

Eirini is a very kind and talented person. In her weekly online course, she created and gave wonderful energies to the participants with her very gentle personality.

I can not thank her enough for her delightful and very creative uplifting energy she shared with us – especially in these difficult times with Covid restrictions in a strict lockdown situation. It has been an amazing and unforgettable experience to be part of this outstanding group of females.

For any girl or woman, who wants some good vibrations and positive energies to share in a confident circle, you are right to attend this course. Eirini is not only the skilled person but has also a soft and easy approach for calming down and accessing our hidden female power and balance.

Thank you for your dedication and energetic uplifting, that you are able to give out of your own soul, Eirini.

Dr Sabine Henning, Life and Astro Coach

Eirini is truly one of a kind, a compassionate coach with a contagious smile, full of wisdom, always there to guide and to listen. Her workshops are original and magical, her meditations will take you to other worlds (literally!), and you will leave her events feeling whole and radiating positive energy. I highly recommend Inspiring and Eirini’s services to anyone on the path to self-discovery and spiritual growth. 🌸

Alexandra Cacavas

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