What Are You Creating?

Remember when you were children and spent hours drawing, playing a musical instrument, building with colorful blocks, dancing and, of course, creating or re-creating realities in your games?

Back then you were creating out of an unconscious force that was driving you to express an inner feeling or replay ideas, thoughts, emotions, even scenes from your life.

And what about now, in your adult life? What is your creative force inspiring you to bring into existence?

I think we will all agree that human beings are masters of creation. We can create the best or the worst for ourselves and for humanity. We mold and shape our life based on either a positive image – a good dream – or a negative one – a nightmare.

The whole world as we know it today is the manifestation of what we have dreamed of. Can we consciously manifest a world that represents values like trust, sharing, love, joy and deep caring for one another? Or do we let unconscious fears and desires dictate the way we shape our reality?

Do we maybe crave a false sense of security and an easy life, so much so that we are in fact manifesting it, without being conscious of the consequences it may bring about, as for instance a certain lack of freedom?

We are marvelous dreamers, yet we need to dream wisely. We are powerful manifestors, yet we need to create consciously.

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