Can We Be Grateful Even When Suffering?

Feeling and expressing gratitude is a practice that raises our energy and creates a blissful state of mind. It is easier to feel thankful when we are already in an uplifted state and our heart is filled with joy. But what about the times when we are suffering? In fact, counting your blessings in moments of stress, fear or grief can be a powerful healing experience.

Very often you may find yourself caught up in overthinking, worrying too much or feeling run-down by fear, sadness, grief. Especially now. We are living in emotionally intense times. Some of you may be facing tough situations, which force you to deal with your deepest fears.

Practicing gratitude can have endless benefits. Waking up every day feeling blessed for being alive, being close to loved ones or knowing that they are fine and healthy, feeling thankful for all that you have been gifted and all that you have achieved. Being grateful can help you better cope with difficulty and even raise you up in moments of deep grief, depression or fear. It can help you feel more alive, compassionate and even joyful.

Feeling grateful towards situations, people or a divine power (whoever or whatever you think that is) unburdens us from the ego and the toxic emotions that are linked to it. In a thankful state, we recognize the positive aspects in our life and stop taking them for granted.

When suffering, it is not always easy to see the beauty in life, but in fact, we need to remember that we are on this planet in order to learn, expand our consciousness, the awareness of who we are and what this miraculous existence of ours has to offer.

Practicing gratitude is actually quite simple. Here are some steps to follow:

  1. Find 10 minutes during the day when you can be alone with yourself, without any external distractions.
  2. Close your eyes and bring to mind 10 things, situations or people for which or whom you are grateful.
  3. Write them down in you Gratitude Journal.
  4. Every time, after you have written one thing you are thankful for, close your eyes for a while and feel deep gratitude, love, compassion and all the beautiful, elevating emotions that awaken in your heart.
  5. Repeat this practice daily.

Expressing your gratitude is also important, as it can help strengthen your relationships and bring you closer to family and friends, reducing feelings of loneliness and isolation. Sharing with people how having them in your life makes you feel grateful is a beautiful act of love, kindness and generosity.

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