A Soul-Nourishing Retreat in the South of Crete, in Greece

We’ve all been there – the so-called “vacation” that ends up leaving us more tired and stressed than before. The exhausting tours, bustling crowds and constant rush can drain the energy right out of us. But what if there was an alternative? A tranquil retreat in the exquisite nature of South Crete that promises to rejuvenate your mind, body, and soul.

The Draining Holiday vs. The Recharging Retreat

Picture this: You’re racing from one tourist spot to another, carrying heavy bags, and standing in long lines. By the end of the trip, you’re left more exhausted than when you started. Not to mention, drinking alcohol and eating sugary treats and fast food, seeking momentary pleasure, while compromising your well-being. We all know that the aftermath often includes feelings of guilt, bloating, and an unwanted expansion of your waistline. Even if you stay at a hotel all day long doing nothing and swimming in the swimming pool, this “traditional” type of holiday can drain your energy, as it does not recharge your soul and spirit with moments of real connection, inner peace, fulfillment, and deep relaxation of your being.

Now, imagine a different scenario: You’re in the middle of nature, surrounded by ancient olive trees, waterfalls, lagoons and streams, visiting amazing beaches and palm tree forests. You eat delicious vegan or vegetarian meals, prepared with locally produced ingredients; a Mediterranean cuisine that will make your body feel lighter and healthier. No busy schedules, no rush, just a serene space to unwind and recharge. You will be able to detoxify your body and mind, feeling rejuvenated to the core.

Yoga, Shiatsu, and Shamanism

When life becomes overwhelming, turning to holistic practices can provide an important and much-needed anchor.

Shiatsu, a Japanese healing art rooted in traditional Chinese medicine, involves applying pressure with palms, and thumbs to specific points on the body’s energy pathways. This therapeutic technique promotes relaxation, relieves tension, and restores the body’s natural balance by stimulating the flow of energy, or “qi.” Shiatsu’s benefits extend beyond physical well-being, often leading to improved mental clarity, reduced stress, and a sense of overall vitality.

Yoga combines mindful movement, breath control, and meditation to foster holistic well-being. Through a series of postures and stretches, yoga enhances flexibility, strengthens muscles, and improves posture. Beyond the physical benefits, regular yoga practice can also lead to reduced stress, increased mental focus, and a heightened sense of inner peace and self-awareness.

Shamanism, an ancient spiritual practice found in cultures across the world, involves connecting with non-ordinary reality to gain insights, inner healing, and guidance. Shamanic practice promotes personal transformation, fostering a deeper understanding of one’s purpose, and facilitating a sense of unity with nature and the universe. It can help you journey into yourself and find meaning in your life.

Our Retreat: A Harmonious Blend of Practice and Relaxation

Imagine yourself in the beautiful nature of South Crete from September 19th to 23rd. A typical day begins with silent meditation and yoga, giving you the space and opportunity to awaken your body and reconnect with yourself. After a delicious and healthy breakfast, you will either visit one of the nearby beaches or go on a hiking excursion.

After the tasty Mediterranean lunch, you will have plenty of time to relax, enjoy nature, swim in the river under a waterfall, connect with the other participants, read a book under a tree, or just have a siesta. You will have the opportunity to learn Shiatsu techniques while at the same time practicing with others and receiving a relaxing acupressure treatment.

And after our dinner, you will engage in a Shamanic drumming ritual or a Sound healing session that will guide you into finding deep connection with your soul and spirit.

Embracing Authentic Communication and Community

This retreat is an invitation to connect on a deeper level. Imagine sharing space with like-minded individuals, kindred spirits who share your interests and intentions. Experience the power of authentic communication, where deep listening and sharing create bonds that feel like family. As you embark on a new way of relating and connecting within this community, you’ll discover a profound sense of belonging and acceptance.

Offer yourself the Gift of Self-Care

In a world that glorifies constant busyness, taking care of yourself becomes a necessity. Our 5-day retreat in South Crete invites you to prioritize your well-being. It’s not just a vacation – it’s a chance to pause, recharge, and find inner peace. From the 19th to the 23rd of September, you can experience the transformative power of yoga, shiatsu, and shamanism, in the amazing nature of Crete.

So, why choose a holiday that leaves you drained? Instead, opt for a retreat that will revive your spirit and replenish your energy. Join us on this journey to South Crete, where you can rediscover balance, find serenity, and return home with a renewed sense of well-being.

You can click below for more details about our retreat on Crete: https://justinspiring.org/5-day-retreat-on-the-island-of-crete-in-greece/

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