Awaken Your Shamanic Voice Workshop

WHEN: Sunday, 10th December, 2-7pm

WHERE: Centre Pérou, Avenue du Pérou 23, 1000 Bruxelles


Join us on December 10th, for a powerful shamanic workshop designed to help you awaken and embody the voice of your soul!

For Shamans, the voice is a sacred instrument, a potent medium through which the Spirit can be expressed. In everyday life, we use the voice to communicate ideas, feelings and opinions, which are usually the product of our mind and unconscious processes and associations. However, there is a deeper voice in us, the primal or sacred voice, which can be unleashed through and during shamanic practice, and connect us more profoundly to our inner truth and purpose.

This voice holds the power of healing, inspiring, and connecting souls. When we honor our voice as the instrument expressing our spirit, we acknowledge its profound impact and embrace its capacity to create harmony, bring forth our authentic self, and tune in with the hearts of others. Our voice then becomes a vessel carrying the potential to embody divine consciousness in the physical world and bring personal and collective transformation.

This workshop is for you if…

♾️You want to liberate your voice, and express it more freely in talking, singing, chanting etc.

♾️ You are interested in Shamanism and would potentially like to create your own Shamanic rituals or practice on your own.

♾️ You are already practicing Shamanism and would like to expand the use of your voice during rituals, ceremonies and journeys.

♾️ You have always felt that your voice is not strong enough and would like to empower it and give it more resonance.

♾️ You are into personal development and growth, and you feel that opening up more profound aspects of your voice will greatly benefit you.

♾️ Your throat area feels blocked or tense, and/or you have breathing difficulties related to stress, fear, insecurity and/or an inability to express your wants and needs.

♾️ You wish to connect with your inner voice and wisdom, and express it out into the world.

♾️ You seek inner healing, inspiration and connection with like-minded individuals.

What we will do

The workshop includes a drumming journey to connect with your voice and its expression, travelling to places in your memory and consciousness where it may have been “trapped” or suppressed. After the journey, we will use vocal exercises, vocal expression in combination with movement and breathing techniques, working with the chakras, the vocal cords and the whole body, to liberate the voice and allow it to vibrate more clearly and profoundly. You will have the opportunity to work in couples, also using the drum and other shamanic instruments. We will end our practice with a singing circle.

Programme of the day:

2:00-2:30pm: Introductions and Intention Setting
We will begin this workshop by connecting with fellow participants and setting our intentions for the practices.

2:30-3.45pm: Drumming Journey to Find Your Lost Voice/Voices
We will set off on a Shamanic journey using the power of drumming and sound to uncover the depths of our voices. You will be able to reclaim your authentic expression and give voice to the parts of yourself that may have been silenced.

3.45-4.00pm: Tea & Snacks Break
This will be a moment to relax and recharge with a short refreshing break. You will have the chance to connect with others and reflect on your experiences so far.

4:00-5.45pm: Practices to Liberate Your Voice
We will engage in various practices that utilize the voice, the body and several breathing techniques, allowing us to liberate our voice from limitations and harmonize it with the rhythm of our breath and natural movement. You will discover the transformative power of vocal expression. You will also have the chance to explore the profound connection between voice, sound and movement as you engage in partnered exercises. We will incorporate shamanic instruments, including drums and rattles in this practice, to deepen our connection with the spiritual realm.

5:45-6:00pm: Tea & Snacks Break
You will have another short break to rejuvenate and connect with others before diving deeper into the practice.

6:00-7:00pm: Singing circle, Closing Meditation & Q&A  

We will end our workshop with a short singing circle and a meditation to help integrate our insights. Finally, all questions and sharing of experiences will be welcome and addressed.

Practical information:

🪶The event is open to everyone, regardless of age, gender or previous experience in shamanic practice.
🪶You do not need to wear special clothes, only clothes you will feel comfortable in.
🪶We will provide you with mats and cushions. There will be herbal tea and healthy, delicious snacks for the breaks. Feel free to bring a light blanket with you. You can bring your drum or rattle, if you have one and wish to. We will also provide you with a few rattles and other instruments for practice during the workshop.
🪶 The language of the event is English, but there will be explanations in French too, if needed.

🪶🪶 Participation fee: 70 euros

🪶🪶Please confirm your participation by sending an email to Eirini and by pre-payment, using the Payment Button at the end of this page (payment via debit or credit card). You can also transfer the participation fee to the following bank account:

Eirini Kapsidou

IBAN: BE36953149119681


🪶🪶For registrations, as well as for any questions or inquiries, you can send Eirini an email at or an Sms/WhatsApp/Viber/Telegram message at +32 (0) 487 20 14 73.

About your facilitator:

Eirini was initiated in Siberian Shamanism 25 years ago and she has been practicing Shamanic Journeying since. She is Greek, based in Brussels, where she is giving workshops on personal development and creativity, as well as organizing shamanic drum meditations and other ceremonies, in various places and the forest. She also gives personal sessions of drumming, coaching and energy healing.

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