The Importance of Being a Warrior

We all watch movies with big, mighty warriors and admire them. We admire their strength in adversities, their ability to fight for a higher purpose and their bravery, their emotional strength.

These battles they are fighting are fictional, but each one of us is fighting their own real battle in everyday life. It is therefore important to fight, not like someone who has been thrown in the battlefield without knowing what they are doing or without having enough courage to deal with the situation. You have to fight like a real warrior.

What is a real warrior?

It is someone who is very well skilled and has knowledge of how to behave in difficult situations, how to remain calm and manage one’s emotions; one who does not lose hope or faith when the tough moment comes; one who may be afraid, but knows that they can be stronger than fear; one who is connected to a higher intention and can even sacrifice their life to serve this intention.

Why is it so important to be a warrior?

Of course, you will not start wearing your shining armour, carrying a sword and fighting with everyone. Being a warrior is symbolic and refers mostly to your capacity for showing bravery in adverse circumstances. It is an inner strength, a will-power that everyone possesses, but few awaken and use in their life. This force sometimes emerges through the difficulty of the situation which requires one to face reality with strength. One can also cultivate it beforehand and be ready when the time comes.

How can one be a warrior in daily life?

First, it is imperative that you know how to manage your mind and emotions, as they may wander in all directions and make you stray from your intention. Meditation can be very beneficial in helping you create a stable emotional state and a clear mindset.

Second, you need to reinforce your personal power, by stretching your limits and going out of your ‘comfort zone’. In this way, you can feel your strength and start seeing the powerful you. To achieve this, you can do activities that you were always afraid of doing, such as going to the top of a high mountain.

Finally, having a clear and higher intention can help one overcome fear. Whatever the outcome of your battle, you can derive great force and power from believing in a higher cause and making an effort to achieve it.

Have faith and courage in all your battles!

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