The Special Gifts of the Feminine Energy

Whether you’re a woman or a man, you combine masculine and feminine aspects in your being. In our modern world, a more masculine character and behaviour is favoured, as one is expected to strive for success, constantly being in action mode and overusing the rational mind to attain one’s goals. In doing so, people tend to neglect a very important side of existence, which is connected with letting go, surrendering in life, enjoying and experiencing a state of love and compassion.

The feminine energy carries valuable gifts: it is healing, restorative, nurturing, creative, grounding, accepting and loving. It is the energy of bonding, the quality of caring, about oneself and others. It is the compassionate, affectionate part of us that adds flavour to everyday life and sustains meaningful relationships. It is the beauty, sensuality and joy existing within each one of us, also being reflected in the symmetry and grace of nature.

But most of all, the feminine is the gift of presence. When you are in your feminine, you are fully integrated in the present moment. This is the time and space where the mind stops its hyperactive blabbering and rests silently, only to give way to feeling, connecting with the body, soul and spirit. In this state, one can admire the sacredness of everything. One can feel the sacredness within.

You are in your feminine, when you:

  • Appreciate the little things and short moments of happiness that life offers.
  • Take time to decide about something, while meditating and contemplating on it.
  • Choosing not to act on your goals, but to let go of your desires and let the universe work its magic to make them come true, while you connect more and more with the cosmic energy field.
  • Are fully present, enjoying each moment of the day as if it were your last.
  • Savour the tastes, enjoy the colours and scents, feel, touch, sing and dance, derive visual pleasure.
  • Approach everything and everyone from an inner place of love and compassion.
  • Accept change and surrender to it.
  • View the world not as a universe that belongs to you, but as an all-encompassing, accepting space that you can call your home.

Acknowledging and celebrating also our feminine aspects can bring about great change in the way we live and could possibly help solve many issues and help heal the Earth. Balancing the masculine and feminine in the everyday will alter your perspective and create more harmony and joy in your life.

3 thoughts on “The Special Gifts of the Feminine Energy

  1. Dear Eirini, From reading your new post about female energy, I really understand why we have met in this life for a wonderful relationship, dear! I surrender in your very inspiring moments you give to me and the group as a soul sisterhood! Embrace the femininity in our body and souls 🤗Sabine

    1. Hello dear Sabine! It’s wonderful to have such an open-minded, warm-hearted and spiritual person like you in our women’s group 🙂 Thank you for your kind words 🙂 And happy women’s day today!

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