Women’s Meditation, Sharing & Creativity Circles

Our Meditation, Sharing, and Creativity Circle is a space for women (or men identifying as women) to come together and tap into their inner wisdom, connect, and express themselves creatively. Through meditation, we can ground ourselves in the present moment and embody our sacred femininity. By sharing our emotions and ideas, we can cultivate deeper empathy, understanding, and connection with each other, and speak out our truth without fear of judgment. With creative practices, we can unleash our creativity, unfold our emotions, and express ourselves more profoundly, discovering new perspectives and insights along the way. In this context, we can release stress, anxiety, and limiting beliefs, and access new levels of self-awareness, self-expression, and self-love. In our Meditation, Sharing, and Creativity Circle, we create a supportive and empowering community, where all the participants can nurture their growth, their joy, and their beauty.

who are these circles for?

  • Women of all ages who are seeking a supportive and empowering space to connect with other women
  • Women who are interested in exploring their personal growth and development
  • Women who want to deepen their spirituality and connect with their inner self
  • Women who are looking to improve their relationships and communication skills
  • Women who want to explore their creativity and express themselves through art, writing, dance, or other forms of self-expression
  • Women who want to gain more confidence and self-esteem
  • Women who are going through a life transition or facing a challenge and could benefit from the support of other women
  • Women who want to contribute to a community of women who share similar values and interests


  • Brief presentation of the circle’s purpose and benefits: Guidelines for participation and respectful communication.
  • Meditation to ground and embody our sacred femininity.
  • Sharing circle to express our truth and emotions, or ask for advice from our sisters: Each participant will have 3-5 minutes to share what’s present in them or in their life, without interruption or judgment. Reflection prompts to deepen our listening, empathy, and connection. Option to use a talking stick or other symbolic object to facilitate sharing and active listening.
  • Creative practice to unfold our emotions and express ourselves: This involves a guided creative exercise to explore some of the themes, emotions or ideas that will emerge from the sharing part. Option to use any artistic medium. Reflection prompts to integrate our insights and feelings from the creative practice.
  • Closing and gratitude: Collective appreciation for each other’s presence, vulnerability, and creativity. Invitation to keep in touch and continue the journey of self-discovery and empowerment.



Date: Monday 24th April 2023

Time: 19h30 – 21h00

Via Zoom (You will receive the Zoom link after registering and prepaying)

Price: 25 euros


Date: Thursday 27th April 2023

Time: 19h30 – 21h00

Address: Rue Georges et Jacques Martin 11, Woluwe-Saint-Pierre, Brussels, BE (You will receive more info after registering and prepaying)

Price: 35 euros

* The price includes a warm infusion and some props that you will need for your artistic creation.

In our women’s circle, a sacred space is created,

Where women can gather, be heard, and be seen,

A space for their stories, their joys, and their fears,

A womb for their dreams, their hopes, and their tears.

Here, women can connect with their deepest selves,

Their intuition, their wisdom, their inner wealth,

They can ground themselves in their sacred femininity,

And embrace all aspects of their divinity.

Here, women can heal their wounds, their traumas, their pain,

And find solace, support, and love again,

They can rediscover their power, their passion, their grace,

And claim their voice, their space, their place.