Uplift Course & Women’s Circle

Dear women,

You are welcome to join the first year of our two-year online practice course, designed with the aim of helping you shake off heavy energies in your everyday life and evolve spiritually. It is a new concept, applying to women of all ages who wish to combine bodywork with femininity-awakening and empowerment exercises on a weekly basis.

The weekly practices include yoga asanas, belly energy dancing, empowerment katas, shamanic knowledge and practice, meditation, breathwork, psycho-energetic techniques and creativity exercises, all with the intention of awakening and uplifting the feminine energy and wisdom in you.


What are the benefits of our uplifting course?

  • You will get to practice asanas, belly energy dance and other forms of exercise once a week. You will learn practices that you can repeat every day in order to keep fit and be uplifted!
  • You will be introduced to exercises that will help awaken your feminine energy and give you back your inner strength and power as a woman.
  • You will learn practices that will invite you to re-connect with your sensuality and liberate your sexual energy.
  • You will discover effective techniques that will help you rejuvenate your spirit and shake off negativity from your everyday life, while strengthening your personal power and keeping calm & centered.
  • You will feel lighter, creative and more “yourself”, as your feminine energy will be flourishing.
  • And all the above will take place within the safe and supportive environment of a women’s group, the members of which wish to evolve, while empowering and uplifting not only themselves but also the others.
  • what’s the first year about?

    In the first year of our course, we set out to explore the wonderful energy of femininity that we all carry within. Abundant and patient like the earth, flexible and regenerative like water, wise and potent like fire, graceful and all-encompassing like the air, the feminine energy is full of gifts that can heal, restore, nurture and help us get to the core of who we are. 

    The Feminine Soul

    This course is an opportunity for you to take some time off the daily routine, in order to find “yourself”, communicate with the deepest wishes of your heart and share your uplifted spirit within a circle of like-minded women. It is a truly healing experience.

    The Feminine Body

    Through various practices, you will be able to awaken the feminine energy in your body, connect with your body’s primal wisdom, stimulate your senses and feel the softness and sensuality in the “temple of your soul”. We will cherish, love and accept our body in all its divinity.

    We are one…

    It’s a wonderful gift to share moments and experiences with the other women in the group. Even if the course is online, we come closer together through the practices, emotions and qualities that connect us. You can find support, in an environment of trust and friendship.


    An empowered woman is joyful, free, energetic, loving and creative, connected with her inner feminine flow, which is her life force and true source of power. This is the freedom, joy and inner strength we seek to connect with in our course.

    laying the foundations with practice

    BELLY ENERGY DANCE…combines belly dancing techniques with breathing and meditation, in order to move the feminine energy in the body, the source of which is the belly. It is very powerful and helps reconnect with one’s feminine flow and one’s body. Belly energy dance promotes the wellbeing of women, as it can help harmonize the menstrual cycle, increase fertility, relieve from pain in the abdomen and from digestive issues, by unwinding the pelvic and abdomen area and letting the energy flow more freely.

    YOGA, MEDITATION & PSYCHO-ENERGETIC EXERCISESThe yoga asanas follow the raja-yoga tradition, which combines meditation with body postures and connects you with your absolute supreme self. You do not need to have practiced yoga before in order to do these asanas, as we will be moving gradually into the different asana complexes. If you are already a yoga practitioner, you will be able to observe more how the energy moves in the meridians during different postures and you will become more aware of the importance of breath in various positions. We will be practicing deep pranayama techniques, to enhance the flow of prana in the body and activate the kundalini energy.


    …are special combinations of movements inspired by martial arts, including meditation and breathing. These practices will be introduced in our course with the purpose of offering a tool for liberating oneself from negative thoughts and emotions, and becoming the master of oneself and one’s physical, mental and emotional energies. These katas will leave you feeling deeply calm, centred and empowered.

    SHAMANIC PRACTICE & KNOWLEDGE…is essential for a woman who wants to connect with the aspect of her wild feminine. We have been conditioned to follow stereotypical ideas or “mental programmes” about who we are, which however suppress the powerful energy that lies within each of us. Ancient knowledge and techniques that come from the Shamanic tradition can help you reconnect with your vitality, love, creativity and sensuality, which is your true life force.

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    Hi, I’m Eirini

    I would like to welcome you to Inspiring’s Uplift course, that I’ve designed especially for you. It is my wish that women re-connect with their inner feminine flow and express all the talents and charisma they have been gifted, with strength and confidence. Come join me in this journey for inner liberation!

    what our participants say:

    For any girl or woman, who wants some good vibrations and positive energies to share in a confident circle, you are right to attend this course. Eirini is not only the skilled person but has also a soft and easy approach for calming down and accessing our hidden female power and balance.

    Thank you for your dedication and energetic uplifting, that you are able to give out of your own soul, Eirini.

    Dr. sabine Henning

    Eirini is truly one of a kind, a compassionate coach with a contagious smile, full of wisdom, always there to guide and to listen. Her workshops are original and magical, her meditations will take you to other worlds (literally!), and you will leave her events feeling whole and radiating positive energy. 

    Alexandra cacavas

    I am participating in the women’s circle that is happening every week. I must say that I anticipate our meeting with great joy and enthusiasm. There are so many times that I am tired or something is happening in life and every time that I join the group is amazing, I always leave our meetings, relaxed, uplifted, and happy. Eirini is just amazing. You can feel her dedication and love to all women and all beings and this is very touching. 

    Artemisia noa 

    cancellation policy:

    If your cancellation is up to 24 hours in advance of the course, you will receive a full refund. If your cancellation is less than 24 hours in advance, you will receive a gift certificate to attend a future course organized by Inspiring: Education & Coaching. In case of cancellation on the part of the organizer, you can either be fully refunded or attend a future course with the same participation fee.