Uplift Course Second Year

Dear Ladies,

I'm excited to start our 2nd year of the Uplift Course & Women's Circle, especially with this amazing group of open, spiritual women.

Our first lesson will be on 21st September, 7.30-9.00pm Brussels time!

This year, we will go higher and deeper, with powerful practices that will allow us to see more clearly who we are and what we want. 

We will delve into the mystical realm of the feminine energy, as well as into the mysteries of our own feminine energy, in order to explore it, let it flow with beauty and ease, and learn how to use it for health, longevity, happiness, balance and fulfillment!

Course programme

This year, we will continue our practice of yoga, belly energy dance and meditation, but we will also focus on special practices and discussions on the three following topics:

1. Finding the goddess within - Exploration of 11 Tantric deities: We will explore how these archetypes are expressed in us and how we can use their wisdom to let our feminine energy flourish.

2. The Feminine Sexual Energy: We will look into many different aspects related to our sexual energy, such as how the feminine body works, how to balance our hormones and how to raise our sexual energy and use it effectively in different ways.

3. Trauma work and Relationships: We will bravely dive into trauma in relation to our femininity and relationships with the same and the opposite sex. We will do various practices to be able to realize our blockages on these levels, which are in fact defense mechanisms to our trauma. The intention will be to be present with emotions we have suppressed and liberate them, so that we can express ourselves more freely in this area of our life. 

Each lesson will be divided in 2 parts:

45 min. of meditation, yoga and belly energy dance practice

45 min. devoted on the topics above, with theory, discussion and practices

We will also continue meeting once a month in person for the ones who live in brussels!

For the payment, you can choose one of the following options:

looking forward to meeting you again soon!!!