Sacred Feminine & Equinox Celebration

A workshop for the awakening of your femininity and creative energies 

Saturday 20th March at 6pm / online

Dear women,

Inspiring is inviting you to an online workshop in which we will gather to celebrate our unique feminine individuality, together with the coming of spring!

At this time of the year, the Earth is showing its brightest colours and is releasing its most vibrant, creative energies. Our body and spirit are synchronized with these changes and we feel more energized, creative, active and uplifted. 

Let's gather in this online workshop-celebration, to initiate this new season as a new period in each woman's life, which will bring more harmony, joy and positivity. 

By connecting with the energies of plants and animals, by dancing and doing a ritual to find peace and harmony in our place of power, we will delve into the sacredness of Umai, the female protector of the middle world according to Siberian Shamanism - or else called Mother Nature - and invoke her beauty and wonderful, nurturing qualities, in order to find inner peace, love and abundance.

 Why attend this workshop?

The Equinox of 20th March is the perfect moment to connect with the renewing, refreshing and replenishing energies of the spring on a more profound level and create the intention for revitalization in all areas of your life.

We will explore the different spirits of plants and animals that the wonderful Mother Earth has to offer for purification and stimulation of fresh energies, while awakening the creative currents in our feminine body and experiencing the sacred connection with our divine feminine self.

Some other benefits of our workshop include the following:

Promotes self-esteem

You will experience a profound connection with yourself, which will allow you to understand your true wishes and desires, thus acquiring confidence and believing more in your abilities.

Awakens sensuality

Your sensual energy will be restored, flowing harmoniously in the body, creating an uplifted state in your body and spirit, while awakening new feelings and sensations.

Liberates tensions on the heart level

The sweet connection with your soul and your higher self open up the heart and create positive emotions. You will realize that the love you are seeking is already within your heart and soul.

Creates a deep connection of sisterhood

Being in the company of like-minded, spiritual women, while sharing practices and experiences together, creates a profound, lasting connection between the participants.

the programme

Join us in this gathering of beautiful souls, to learn, practice and celebrate together. In these 2 hours, we will journey into our inner world and meet our animal and plant spirits, but also cultivate a stronger connection with our higher self and explore our divine aspects. 

The practices that this workshop will cover are the following:

 - Practice to discover your animal and plant totems, your spirit guides from the world of nature, which can help you purify yourself and find harmony and strength. Connecting with these energies will help you tap into your personal power, this quality that is essential in order to live in abundance, health and joy.

- Energetic belly dancing to awaken your feminine, sensual energies. Practicing these moves in the virtual presence of other women brings feelings of joy, sharing and connection, while at the same time allowing you to experience new sensations and regain your energy and strength. These simple movements, combined with breathing, unblock the sensual energy and bring health and revitalization in your femininity. 

- Meditation to connect with your place of power: Special practice inspired by Shamanism, in which you will visualize your place of power and connect with its wonderful energy. It is in this place, where your soul finds solace, protection and peace; where your spirit finds complete serenity and relaxation; where you retrieve your personal power and recharge your energy.

practical information

- Price: 30 euros

- Duration: 2 hours (6-8pm)

- Language: The event will take place in English and French.

- Registration: You can either enrol to the workshop by clicking on the button below (only payment via Paypal) or by making a transfer to the following bank account:

Eirini Kapsidou
IBAN: BE36953149119681

- In either case please communicate to us your name and email, by filling in the form below this section.

After completing your registration, you will receive a Zoom link, with which you can access the workshop.

- For any questions or further information, please contact Eirini by email at or by phone (sms, Whatsapp, Viber) on +32 (0) 487 20 14 73.

- Cancellation policy: If you cancel less than 48 hours in advance, you will receive a gift voucher to participate in another workshop organized by Inspiring. If you cancel more than 48 hours in advance, you will be fully refunded.

Please fill in this form

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Eirini is truly one of a kind, a compassionate coach with a contagious smile, full of wisdom, always there to guide and to listen. Her workshops are original and magical, her meditations will take you to other worlds (literally!), and you will leave her events feeling whole and radiating positive energy.


I am participating in the women's circle that is happening every week. I must say that I anticipate our meeting with great joy and enthusiasm. There are so many times that I am tired or something is happening in life and every time that I join the group it is amazing. I always leave our meetings, relaxed, uplifted, and happy. Eirini is just amazing. You can feel her dedication and love to all women and all beings and this is very touching.


I want to share that I am so happy to find a "class" or "course" where you don't just do one thing, but various and precious, deep, practices.

I have never before experienced belly-dancing in a spiritual setting, and it is very interesting and enjoyable to experience it in this way. I feel I am getting to know my body well. My spirit is also pampered, through meditation and ritual.


               Eirini Kapsidou

Hi, I’m Eirini and I’m a coach, spiritual guide and workshop facilitator, based in Brussels. I come from Greece, but I have been living in Brussels for 7 years now. I am the founder of Inspiring: Education & Coaching and I give online (& in person outside COVID times) workshops on Awakening Femininity and The Art of Relationships. I also organize drum meditations, following the tradition of Siberian Shamanism and give private sessions of coaching. I invite you to experience our workshop of sacred femininity practices, in order to awaken your most precious energy, which can help you feel empowered, confident, free and in love with yourself. I can’t wait to meet you! With much love,…

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