Personal Transformation Sessions


The personal development coaching sessions last 1 hour each and focus on two main areas:

Awakening Femininity:

• Personal development focusing on the power of being a woman
• Boosting up your confidence as a woman on different levels
• Augmenting your energy levels by developing your feminine aspect
• Acquiring insight on your menstrual cycle and regaining your balance and health
• Special practices on awakening your sensuality

The Art of Relationships:

• Personal development focusing on being in a relationship (for men and women)
• Realizing patterns within relationships and learning how to overcome them and live harmoniously with your significant other
• Finding balance in a relationship while maintaining your personal identity and freedom
• Getting out of the “karma” of negative, destructive relationships and attracting the right partner
• Working with negative emotions in relationships, such as anger, jealousy or criticism, and learning ways to shift them.

Personal Sessions with the Drum

A session of drum meditation lasts 1h30 minutes and it can be a very profound experience connecting you to an aspect of yourself that you would like to heal.

First we have a short discussion to determine the intention for the drumming session and then through my guiding and drum beating we travel together to the four worlds of Siberian Shamanism. In this journey you are free to express your emotions through movement and clapping, through sounds and singing.

You will be delving into your unconscious, meeting with your spirit-guides and reaching a state of deep meditation that we call ‘trance’.

The benefits of a drum meditation session are numerous. You have a unique opportunity of connecting with your inner self, finding solutions to issues that are bothering you, awakening within you the state of inner peace and calmness of soul, and in the long run finding your life purpose and acquiring balance and happiness.

Our Drum Meditation Personal Sessions are addressed to men and women of all ages.