Meet your facilitators/organizers

Marilena Melachroinou

Marilena, a yoga teacher and actor based in Crete, is passionate about empowering others to take charge of their lives. Marilena’s journey with yoga evolved during her Drama & Performance studies in the UK, where she explored dynamic movement traditions. Settling in Athens, she embraced Vinyasa Flow Yoga as her daily practice, finding it to be a source of balance, discipline, and self-expression. Certified by Yoga Alliance in Hatha & Vinyasa Yoga, Marilena continues her self-practice under the guidance of Ashtanga Yoga teacher, Kristina Karitinou. Through private and group classes at Dharma Yoga studio, she shares her expertise with students of all levels. Marilena also co-created Beyond Surface, a transformative wellness project catering to travelers exploring Crete. Her classes challenge and inspire students to honor their bodies, discover their unique rhythms, and unlock their full potential both on and off the mat.

Daniel Van Nerom

Daniel is the founder of “Zenit shiatsu”. He switched his life path to oriental preventive health-care and a holistic/energetic approach. Being a spiritual teacher and therapist, Daniel bases his methods on Japanese acupressure, meditation, the meridians, Qi gong, and Traditional Chinese Medicine. He loves nature, traveling, discovering, and mountain hiking. Daniel is based in Brussels, Belgium, where he gives Shiatsu sessions in his private cabinet. He also organizes various courses on Shiatsu, the meridians and the 5 elements. He is also interested in the art of Qi Gong, which he has been practicing. His teaching approach is all about extending one’s awareness, through acupressure, feeling, releasing, relaxing, stimulating the flow of energy and balancing Yin and Yang.

Eirini Kapsidou

Eirini is a shamanic practitioner, spiritual guide and coach, living and organizing various events in Brussels, Belgium. She was initiated into Shamanism while following a Siberian Shaman almost 25 years ago and she has been practicing and teaching it since. Eirini has also been trained in trauma-informed practices (Integrative Somatic Trauma Therapy Certificate). She facilitates various shamanic workshops, ceremonies and drum meditations in the forest, as well as giving personal sessions of drumming, coaching and energy healing. Her practice inspires people to create a more meaningful life for themselves and their community, while also bringing them in contact with non-ordinary realities and guiding them to see their world through a fresh perspective.

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