Equinox Self-Expression Ritual

When: Sunday 26th March 2023, 15h00 – 19h00

Where: OXYZEN, Avenue Reine Astrid 55, 1310 La Hulpe


Spring is slowly approaching and its vivid energy is soon coming to awaken our creativity, urging us to materialize the plans we made during winter. It is the time for action and creation of our new reality.

Gathering to celebrate the equinox through creativity and self-expression rituals is an ancient custom in some cultures and traditions.


Photo by Alexandra Cacavas

Why do we celebrate the spring equinox?

A few days before Christmas, on the Winter Solstice, we experience the gifts of wintertime along with the longest night of the year. From then on, daytime slowly starts increasing in order to reach its peak in June, on Midsummer’s day or Summer Solstice.

The Spring Equinox is the day during which daytime and nighttime are equal in length. In this sweet balance we find the seeds for rebirth and transformation.

In astrology, the Spring Equinox marks the start of the Aries season, Aries being the first sign of the zodiac wheel. Therefore, this time of the year is also the astrological new year.

Together with the rebirth of nature, our body and soul also reawaken in spring, preparing for new beginnings, for our transition from rest, retreat and introspection to action, empowerment and creation.

In a symbolic way, as some animals come out of their hibernation we also come out of our nests, and our vital energy, the energy of the sun within, is rekindled. We finally feel ready to manifest our ideas, thoughts and plans.

Shamanic rituals for the spring equinox focus on empowerment, awakening of the vital force within, connection with the inner creator and the vibrant energy of the sun, which is the child in all of us.

The ritual will help us reinforce our intention of becoming manifestors of the reality we want to create, and find back our inner strength, personal power and vitality, in order to be ready for action! 

the practices we will do:

Shamanic Drumming Ritual

This Spring Equinox Ritual will be dedicated to Self-Expression. In order to connect with the parts within that are in need of expression and to tune into higher energies and frequencies, we will be journeying to the Shamanic Middle and Upper Worlds (according to the Siberian Shamanic Tradition) with the use of the drum and voice, but also through movement and breathing.

The Middle World is the world of personal power and love. It is the world of nature, animal totems, plant and element spirit guides. There, we will recharge with vital force, life energy, in order to awaken our body, soul and spirit. Then, we will travel to the Upper World, the world of inspiration and creativity. This is the place where all initial intentions and creative thoughts reside. It is also called the World of the Future. There, we will connect with our intention for this ritual and we will receive inspiration and the creative power of manifestation, which will bring transformation into our reality.

Artistic Self-Expression Practice

After the drumming ritual, you will put the messages that you received from the Middle and Upper Worlds into creative practice, by choosing an art form that feels best for you (music, dance, theatre, pantomime, singing, poetry, writing, drawing, painting etc.). We will provide you with the props and equipment needed for your practice and presentation.

You do not need to be an artist or even to have an artistic talent in order to participate in this practice. By connecting with creative energies, you will feel the flow inside of you and express it, as a child would do, without judgement or self-criticism, only with an open heart and pure joy!

You will have ample time for preparation and 1-2 minutes for presentation. You can also cooperate with other participants to co-create a presentation.

This practice will be shared in an encouraging and safe environment, where fear of self-expression will be befriended and softly embraced. It is a great opportunity to see your fear from a different point of view and express yourself authentically in front of like-minded, open and accepting people.

At the end of the practice, you will have the opportunity to share a bit about your experience and feelings, if you wish.

Kirtan (Mantra Singing)

We will close our Equinox Self-Expression Ritual with a mantra singing circle, to celebrate the joys of creation and the gift of being alive! Kirtan is the practice of chanting mantras (in Sanskrit, English & other languages). The word mantra means “a tool for the mind”, a meditative way to harness the active mind through the repetition of sacred words and invocations. With kirtan, we cultivate devotion (bhakti) to something bigger than ourselves, by opening the heart space through sacred sounds and voice
activation. By bringing our voices together, we expand our hearts and experience connection to ourselves, to others & beyond.


  • 15h00-15h15: Opening Circle & Introductions
  • 15h15-16h15: Shamanic Journey to the Middle & Upper Worlds
  • 16h15-16h30: Short Tea Break
  • 16h30-17h15: Self-Expression Practice Preparation
  • 17h15-17h45: Self-Expression Practice Presentation
  • 17h45-18h15: Small Sharing and Tea Break
  • 18h15-19h00: Kirtan (Mantra Singing) – Closing Ceremony



🌿The event is open to everyone, regardless of age, gender or previous experience in shamanic drumming, artistic expression or mantra singing. Everyone is welcome!
🌿You do not need to wear special clothes, only clothes you will feel comfortable in, as we will be sitting on mats/cushions on the floor.
🌿Please arrive on time, in order not to interrupt the practices. Arriving 10 minutes before 15h00 would be ideal.
🌿The event is taking place in La Hulpe, in a beautiful room with a garden. If you need car transportation or you would like to share your car with other participants, please let us know.
🌿The language of the event is English, but there can also be explanations in French if needed.
🌿Participation fee: Pre-payment via bank transfer – 45 euros
At the door payment – 55 euros

🌿Please confirm your participation with a personal message to Eirini: 0487 20 14 73 (by SMS, WhatsApp or Viber) or at info@justinspiring.org / Alexandra: 0474 70 49 11 (SMS, WhatsApp or Signal) or at alexandra.cacavas2@gmail.com

🌿 For pre-payment, please use the following bank account:

Alexandra Cacavas
BE57 3632 1060 5935

Cancellation policy: If your cancellation is made at least 24 hours in advance of the event and you have already made a payment, you will receive a full refund. If your cancellation is made less than 24 hours in advance and you have already made a payment, you will receive a gift certificate to attend a future drum meditation or another event. If the event is canceled for exceptional reasons and you have already paid for it, you will receive a full refund or a gift certificate to attend a future event.


Organisers’ Bio:

Eirini Kapsidou

Eirini was initiated in Siberian Shamanism 25 years ago and she has been practicing Shamanic Journeying since. She is Greek, based in Brussels, where she is giving workshops on personal development and creativity, as well as organizing shamanic drum meditations, in various places and the forest. She also gives personal sessions of drumming, coaching and energy healing.

Website: http://www.justinspiring.org

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/justinspiring.org

Instagram: @inspiringeducationcoaching



Alexandra Cacavas

Alexandra is an astrologer, esoteric facilitator and musician, with a formal background in modern languages. With roots from England and Greece, Alexandra is currently based in Brussels. Her purpose is to bring people together through mantra singing circles, astrology workshops and other spiritual practices. She also gives 1-1 astrology readings for personal development and growth.

Website: http://www.visions-and-words.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/alexandra.cacavas02

Instagram: @alexandra.cacavas


our event venue: OXYZEN